It has been increasingly common for players to see the presence of an Admin on the Official Servers. Some players have also taken to posing as and impersonating an admin on servers. Fortunately, there are several ways to identify the integrity of an official Admin on your Official Server.

  • The most typical identifier of an Admin on your server is the presence of a Green Name in chat. When an Admin is on your server and addressing players in chat, they will ALWAYS have a Green Name.
  • An Admin will not require an invite to your tribe or ask you to hand over tames or items - if there is a reason for one of us to investigate your tribe, we will access it ourselves. If someone claiming to be an Admin asks you to do anything, verify the Green Name to confirm it’s an actual Grove Street Games employee.

Grove Street Games Customer Support does not favor any Tribe or Survivor and does not offer special assistance to anyone. An official Grove Street Games Admin will never abuse their power on any Official Server.

All server admins for Official Servers are members of our Dev Team and are not members of the Community, Players, or otherwise.

Additionally, players claiming to be Developers, be related to Developers, have "a friend who is an admin," or other such claims are doing so for the purpose of intimidating you

We do not offer assistance to individual players or tribes outside of standard game assistance and are not personally involved or affiliated with any tribes or players on Official Servers. We will never intentionally give another player or tribe an advantage over others using the administrative tools available to us as Developers.

Grove Street Games only offers assistance on Official Servers. If you are on an Unofficial Server, please reach out to your server owner for assistance.

Please note that it is against our Community Guidelines to impersonate someone else, including, without limitation, another user, tribe, Developer, or otherwise claiming to be an Admin of an Official Server.