The player inventory can only hold 300 slots worth of items, including Blueprints. If you’re unable to gather items, receive loot, or craft anything in your inventory it is likely because you have filled these 300 slots. 

  1. Empty your inventory - place Blueprints into a Bookcase with “Transfer All” for easy clearing, as Bookcases can only hold Blueprints and it will help keep your storages more organized if they’re not mixed up with Blueprints in between other items.
  2. Next, place anything you don’t need to carry into storage.
  3. You should now be able to harvest/pick up/craft properly!

It's always important to keep your inventory clean so that you can receive rewards from Pursuits, Dungeons, Tributes, and Supply Drops. This can also prevent you from losing items you want to keep - like good Blueprints and items that you're needlessly carrying. 


Pro tip: use the Search function in your inventory to find particular items, then hit Transfer All - this will transfer the items in your search only, so you can easily put away particular items into storage without tapping over and over!

You can rename your Bookcases, Storage Boxes, and Vaults using the interaction menu, this way you can label your storages for easy organizing.