If you have encountered another player or tribe who is violating our Community Guidelines on an Official Server, then please fill out a Support Ticket containing all of the following information:

Server Name:

Server Region (NA/EU/AS/ANZ):

Your Survivor Name:

Your Tribe Name:

Offending Survivor Name(s):

Offending Tribe Name(s):
Offending Tribe location (if known):

Coordinates (to the incident):

Description of the incident:
Evidence of the Incident:

Evidence should show: the abuse in the act (IE: if someone is griefing you please show us evidence of the grief, if an exploit is being abused please show evidence of the exploit or - specifically in the case of meshing - the rough location, etc.) Your evidence must also positively ID the player by means of their name or tribe name being visible on-screen.*

Please attach any relevant screenshot(s) or video(s) to your ticket. Our team will investigate the report and take appropriate action. Please note that due to the fluctuating volume of reports, it may take some time for us to look into your issue.

*Please note that Incident Report evidence must be from sources we can verify, such as in our game or a public website. Screenshots of conversations outside of our game (such as Discord, WeChat) are not considered valid evidence, as we have no way to verify their authenticity. If someone is being abusive towards you on a platform outside of our game, then please use that platform's appropriate reporting tools (ie. Discord Trust & Safety).