What kind of device is required to run the game?
The minimum requirements to run the game are:

  • roughly 2GB of storage
  • Will require a minimum of 2GB of RAM on iOS devices
  • Will require a minimum of 3GB of RAM on Android
  • Vulkan Support Required
  • Android 7.0 Nougat

Is the game limited to 30 FPS?
Due to mobile limitations, we have capped the max framerate at 30 FPS on all devices.

How many characters can we have?
One character per server.

Does the game feature controller support?
Controller support for all major functions excluding inventories/windows is in.

Is there multiplayer?
Our game features both Single Player and Multiplayer! PvE, PvX, and PvP servers are available for players looking for a more friendly, casual style of play, or a more competitive experience!

Is there crossplay between Mobile and PC/Console?

Is there crossplay between iOS and Android?

Can we transfer across servers?
Yes, you can purchase a Server Transfer Ticket to move to a new server. See the Server Transfer FAQ for more details.

Is there breeding and mutations?

Is there dedicated/non-dedicated server hosting options?
We solely support Unofficial Servers hosted through Nitrado.

Will you support mods on Mobile?
We will not add mods to Mobile, however we may pull inspiration from some features.

Does the game feature bosses like the Broodmother, Dragon, and Megapithecus?
We do feature some familiar bosses, as well as entirely new ones, with our Dungeons that were added in the 2.0 update.

How much does the game cost?
Our game is free-to-play!

What maps are available?
Only the Island map is available at this time.

Will there be DLC in the future?
We do not have plans for DLC at this time.

Does the game feature a tutorial?
Yes! When you first begin playing in Single Player, you’ll be introduced to new mechanics as you find them, starting with basic controls and moving up as you advance through the island. If you need a reminder, you can view our controls guide in the Controls Options!

What kind of community activities are featured?
We have a lot going on on a regular basis! You can join our Discord server for more details when events occur!

Does the game feature Tek Tier gear?
TEK Tier was added in the 2.0 Update!

Can we remove ads?
Yes! Ads can be removed from gameplay with the purchase of a Primal Pass.

Does the game feature dyes for customization?
Yes! However, to make the process more mobile-friendly dyes will be applied to all applicable regions of a dyeable item.

Is custom painting/warpaint available?
Custom painting is not available at this time, all paintable items/structures will be painted on all available regions when using either the Paintbrush or Spray-Painter. Creatures and players cannot be painted, however they can be dyed with Potent Dust.

How many creatures can we expect to see?
Our game currently features more than 80 unique species of dinosaurs and other extinct creatures.

Do we spawn with any items?
As a new survivor on the Island, you will spawn with only a Navigation Kit (Map & Compass) to help you discover the island, however you will be able to learn engrams and discover new items that you can craft as you play!

Is the Single player experience different from Multiplayer?
Yes! Apart from the largest difference of being all on your lonesome, we have taken great strides to make solo play as enjoyable as possible, including some mechanics not available in multiplayer, as well as an increased tame limit and smoother level progression.

What is the max Tribe Member limit?
Tribes can have up to 10 members in PvP/PvE, 6 players in PvX/PvXc

What is the tame limit?
In Single Player, players may have up to 40 tames. In Multiplayer, players may have 12 tames per person, which stacks with more Tribe members (2 Tribe members = 24 tames, and so on). Additionally, Primal Pass holders gain 50% extra tame slots.

Do creatures have their TLC changes?
Not all of the TLC creatures, and not all abilities.

When will support be added for [X] device?
We are working on compatibility fixes for some devices but do not have anything more to announce on that at this time.

Will the game support other Languages?
We plan to have other-language support in the future.

What languages are currently available?
English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Turkish.

Can we use Admin Commands in Single Player?
With a purchase of the God Console you have access to some Admin-esque Commands.

Why can't I watch an ad for Amber?
If the Ad Provider does not have any ads to serve, there will be no ads to watch.

What's the difference in server/game difficulties?
EASY: Easy is for those that just want to test the waters of Multiplayer and explore the Island as first-time, or casual, survivors. Wild Creatures around the Island will spawn with a maximum level of 30, excluding cave-dwelling creatures, and XP received on this server is the standard 100% XP gain rate.
MEDIUM: Medium is for Survivors looking for a little bit of a challenge, but still on board with the standard ARK experience. Wild Creatures can be found at a maximum spawning level of 150, excluding cave-dwellers, and XP gain is at 80% of the standard gain rate.
HARD: Hard is for Survivors looking for a much larger challenge, taking on tough opponents from the get-go and working hard to progress and grow. Wild Creatures spawn at a maximum level of 300, with XP gain at 50% of the standard rate.
BRUTAL: Brutal is for Survivors looking for the most difficult challenge. Wild creatures spawn at a maximum level of 450, with XP gain at an agonizing 5% of the standard rate.

What is the maximum creature level that you can have?
Creatures can be bred/leveled up to a maximum level of 450 on Easy, Medium, and Hard.
On Brutal creatures can be a maximum of level 600.

What creatures are currently in the game?

AchatinaDimetrodonLeech* (+Diseased*)PhiomiaTrike
AnkylosaurusDirebearMantaPulmonoscorpiusWoolly Mammoth
AraneoDirewolfMegalocerosPurloviaWoolly Rhino
ArchaeopteryxDodoMegalodonQuetzal Daedon
ArgentavisDoedicurusMegalosaurusRaptor (+Alpha*) Unicorn
ArthroplueraDung BeetleMeganeura*Rex (+Alpha*) Noctis
BaryonyxElectrophorusMesopithecusSabertooth Salmon* 
BeelzebufoEquusMosasaurus (+Alpha*)Sarco 
Carno (+Alpha*)GiganotosaurusOtterTapejara 
CastoroidesGigantopithecus (+Yeti*)OviraptorTerror Bird 
Coelacanth*IguanodonParacerTitanomyrme Drone* 
CompyKairukuParasaurTitanomyrma Soldier*