This article applies to the Server Transfer Ticket only. For information on the Ascendant Transfer Ticket, click here.


Only one survivor can be transferred at a time. Attempting to transfer two survivors will result in the loss of one of your survivors.


  • You will be able to transfer your Survivor (including Level, Stats, Engrams & Pursuit Progress), Blueprints, Creature Implants, Artifacts, Trophies, Revival Platforms, Soothing Balm, Pheromones, Cuddle Bears, Toys, Candy, Premium Structures, Premium Skins, Collars and your Ancient Amber balance.
  • The following items must be in your Survivor's inventory at the time of transfer, otherwise they will be left behind: Blueprints, Trophies, Premium Skins, Artifacts, Revival Platforms, Soothing Balm, Pheromones, Cuddle Bears, Toys, Candy, and Creature Implants.
  • All owned Premium Structures and Collars will be removed from the Island automatically and taken with you upon Server Transfer.
  • Your Creature Implants will maintain their Ancient Amber revival cost when you arrive on the new server. Anyone who is forced off of a server (such as with the upcoming Server Refresh) will not incur a revival cost on their Creature Implants. Creatures must be personally owned or they will revive as wild on the new server.
  • If you transfer with a Chronicled Implant, the price for un-Chronicling it will remain the same base price (2 Amber).
  • Your tames MUST be 'Personally Owned' to revive as tamed on your new server. If you are not sure if your creatures are personally owned, you can unclaim the tames you're taking with you, leave your tribe, and then reclaim them as your own solo player - this will ensure that they are now owned by you and you alone.


  • Anything not explicitly mentioned above will not transfer with you. This includes resources, standard structures, crafted weapons and crafted armor.


  • You cannot transfer between Official and Unofficial servers.
  • You can only transfer within the same difficulty setting (ie. Hard server to Hard server).
  • If you play on a PvE server, you can only transfer to another PvE server.
  • If you play on a PvP server, you can transfer to PvE, PvX or another PvP server.
  • If you play on a PvX server, you can transfer to PvE, PvP or another PvX server.
  • If you play on a Casual server, you can transfer to other Casual servers only.
  • Any server can transfer to Single Player using the Single Player Transfer Ticket, however this is a one-way transfer and you cannot return your Single Player items to Multiplayer. You will be barred from rejoining your server on a new character for 30 Days after transferring to Single Player.


  • You cannot transfer between Unofficial and Official servers.
  • You can transfer between any difficulty or game mode as long as both unofficial servers share the same Transfer Secret.
  • A Transfer Secret is a key (aka. password) that Unofficial Server Owners can set in their Server Settings. For example, to transfer from Server A to Server B, both Server Owners will need to have the same key set in the Transfer Secret field of their Server Settings. There is no limit to the amount of Unofficial Servers that can use the same Transfer Secret. This Transfer Secret must be set before uploading your Transfer Ticket.
  • There is a 7 day cooldown before you can transfer back to the Unofficial Server you originally came from.


  • Server Transfer tickets are purchased with Ancient Amber. They will appear as a premium item in your inventory and cannot be dropped or transferred to another inventory.
  • Once you decide to use the Server Transfer ticket, you will be immediately kicked from your current server.
  • The transfer process takes approximately 15 minutes. If you have push notifications enabled on your device, then you will receive a notification when your transfer is successfully uploaded.
  • Once uploaded, select the server you'd like to join and navigate to the Spawn Selection screen, where you will find the Download Survivor button.
  • After downloading onto a new server, blueprints and implants will stay in your inventory when you die for 24 hours so you can get established. Please note that these items can still be removed from your inventory by other players. You also will not be able to transfer again during that 24 hour period.
  • If you are using the Account Link feature, you will only be able to download your Survivor onto a new server using the original device.